20 Aesthetic Locations for Instagram Posts

if you want to discover the most aesthetic location tags and top trending Instagram travel spots in 2023, check out our blog post. Here you'll discover some hidden gems you didn’t know existed

20 Aesthetic Locations for Instagram Posts

Want to know a simple way to boost your Instagram presence? Using location tags is not just for when you're traveling.

You can showcase your creative side and expand your reach on Instagram using cool Instagram locations, from bedroom mirror selfies to the latest trending spots.

Also, tagging some funny Instagram locations can make you more relatable. Adding it to your post can boost your engagement by 79% and improve your performance on Instagram.

So, if you want to discover the most aesthetic location tags and top trending Instagram travel spots in 2023, check out our blog post. Here you'll discover some hidden gems you didn’t know existed

Funny locations on Instagram

Sometimes, the best way to stand out on Instagram is to add humor to your posts. That's why we've created a small list of funny Instagram locations that will help you catch your followers' attention. Psst, don’t miss out on the bonus content.


Got a cute mirror selfie right in front of your closet and don't know how to make it stand out on Instagram? Narnia is one of the cute locations on Instagram you should use.

Tagging your post with Narnia will transport your followers to a magic world of wonder and enchantment. They'll be able to imagine you stepping through the wardrobe.

If you have a snippet of a snowy forest, tag Narnia to convey the mystical winter wonderland filled with talking animals and fairy creatures.


Are you in a Procrasti-Nation mode? With a never-ending to-do list, but nothing seems to get done? How about posting a picture of yourself and using this funny location on Instagram?

But before you share your post, think about who will see it and make sure they get your joke. Add a caption related to your location tag to avoid confusion. Funny Instagram locations tag can be a great way to connect with people who share the same sense of humor!

3.Lost in My Mind

Feeling playful and lighthearted? If you like daydreaming a lot and get carried away with your thoughts, this Instagram location idea could be your way of expressing yourself.

It can also easily express confusion when you can’t seem to get around an idea. Either way, it’s a funny Instagram location you can use to make your post more relatable.

And if you're tired of online dating, we’ve got some bonus Instagram location ideas for girls to make your followers chuckle

• Ex-Boyfriend

• Been there done that

• The One That Got Away

• Forever alone

• Heartbreak Hotel

So, go ahead and have fun with it!

Cute Instagram Location Ideas

Have you ever looked at a post that's so cute it triggers your "cute aggression”? No judgment here! If you're a fan of all things adorable, you'll love these cute locations on Instagram.

4.Puppy Paradise

Join the puppy love-fest, melt your followers’ hearts, and show the adorable furry inhabitants with this cute location tag on Instagram.

5.Kitten Corner

Looking for purr-fect and cute location tags on Instagram? Kitten Corner is definitely one of them. Tag your posts with this location when you upload pictures of your feline friends.

Aesthetic Locations on Instagram

Do you want to add some style and creativity to your posts? These locations will help you make your feed more aesthetic, whether you're a photographer, influencer, or even just looking to improve your feed.

6.Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Your library and Hogwarts both share a special magic. While your library might not have moving staircases or enchanted portraits, this is one of the cool Instagram locations you can tag. It will immerse your followers in the wizarding world and make them feel part of the magic.

7.Where dreams come true

Did you move to a new city, start a new job, or buy your own house? “Where dreams come true” is one of the motivational Instagram location ideas you can use to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

It is also one of the cool Instagram locations you can tag to share posts of dreamy destinations. This tag is perfect for photos of theme parks, castles, beautiful landscapes, or even your own home.

8.Euphoria Lane

Choosing the right location for your Instagram posts is key to capturing the right mood and aesthetic. Euphoria lane can be a great fit not only for referencing your favorite tv show but also describing any vibrant street or neighborhood.

9.Rooftop Romance

If you're looking for cute location tags on Instagram, “Rooftop Romance” brings a touch of whimsy and romance to your posts. If you’ve ever captured a stunning sunset or dazzling cityscape with your friends, this could be the ideal location to tag your photos with.

10.Winter Wonderland

So you got the perfect Instagram location ideas with cozy, snow-filled moments, and you just want to share this stunning shot with your followers. Winter Wonderland should be your go-to tag on Instagram. Plus, it gives your posts a festive touch during the winter season.

11.Bohemian Rhapsody

No, this tag doesn’t have to be related to your favorite rock band at all.

But if you’re looking for cute locations on Instagram to embody the bohemian spirit, this tag will not disappoint.

From colorful street murals to boho boutiques, this Instagram location offers the perfect backdrops for the right personality.

Want to know what are some of the most trending spots on Instagram in 2023? Maybe you’re looking for your next vacation destination, romantic getaway, or crazy nightlife. The spots all offer something unique, making them ideal for your next Instagram photoshoot.

12.Vienna, Austria

If you're looking for a picturesque location for Instagram posts, Vienna's stunning architecture, rich culture, and scenic landscapes offer endless options. The cobblestone streets of Vienna, the Belvedere Palace, or one of Vienna's famous Christmas markets will all capture your followers' attention.

13.Prague, Czech Republic

One of the best location to tag on Instagram while visiting Europe is Prague. There is so much to see in this charming city, including cobblestone streets, historical architecture, and scenic views of the Vltava River.


Dubai is not only a stunning destination that offers awe-inspiring architecture and picturesque landscapes, but it's also one of the best locations to tag on Instagram.

Tagging Dubai can help you reach a wider audience and potentially attract more engagement. With its iconic landmarks and trendy hotspots, Dubai provides endless opportunities for capturing enviable travel content.

15.The Maldives

Forget the views of crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches. If you’re looking for a dreamy and exotic location for Instagram posts, the Maldives is the most trending spot on Instagram right now.

16.Capri, Italy

If you're looking for the best location to tag on Instagram while exploring Italy, Capri is your trending spot. It’s a picturesque island that offers stunning views, rugged cliffs, and colorful villas all in one place.

Striking Instagram backdrops

Ready to inspire your next adventure? Check out these simple yet memorable location tags and match them with your picture-perfect backdrops.

17.Love Island

If you're in search of funny locations on Instagram that people will just fall in love with, consider using the Love Island tag. From romantic sun-soaked moments to clever references from the hit reality show, this tag will add some much-needed humor and drama to your feed.

18.Concrete jungle

Towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and flashing lights all come to create a concrete jungle. If you want to capture the energy of the city day or night with your Instagram post, this is the perfect location tag.

19.Small town

It’s nostalgic and simple yet so charming. Small Town is a great location for Instagram posts as they add unique backdrops to your feed.

20.Beach therapy

You’re at the beach, getting sunkissed, and your hair gets all wavy from salty water.

If you need the best location to tag on Instagram when you’re enjoying your vacation near the ocean, you know what to choose.


All these unique and creative locations offer an opportunity to create aesthetic Instagram posts.

Whether you're looking for a laugh, a dose of cuteness, or a stunning backdrop, we hope this list of 20 aesthetic locations for Instagram posts has provided you with plenty of inspiration.

At the very least, it'll surely get those Instagram likes rolling in no matter what corner of the world you decide to visit.

So, next time you're out and about or at home, remember to snap a photo and tag it with one of these memorable location tags to make your posts stand out!