12 Ways To Increase Followers On Instagram

Social media is becoming a crucial tool for organizations and people trying to grow their online presence and engage with their target market in the digital age. Instagram has become one of the most well-liked and useful social media channels for creating a significant online presence.

12 ways to increase followers on Instagram

Social media is becoming a crucial tool for organizations and people trying to grow their online presence and engage with their target market in the digital age. Instagram has become one of the most well-liked and useful social media channels for creating a significant online presence.

We've covered a number of practical methods in this post to help you grow your Instagram followers. These tactics include anything from routinely uploading high-quality material and improving your Instagram profile to interacting with your followers and using Instagram advertisements.

What can you do on Instagram?

You can expand your IG audience, boost your engagement rates, and get more followers by putting these tactics into practice. In order to make sure that you are successfully achieving your objectives, we have also spoken about the significance of reviewing your Instagram stats and changing your plan as necessary.

These tactics may help you learn how to get more followers on Instagram and reach your social media objectives, whether you're an individual trying to establish your own brand or a company trying to connect with your target market. We will teach you how to increase followers on Instagram in order to make your social media more interesting, as well as, popular among others.

Optimize your Instagram profile

Nowadays, everybody knows that Instagram followers are the main thing people look at when they are stalking your account. Here is some advice on how to grow Instagram followers: You should choose an extraordinary, beautiful, and creative profile photo, and you should make sure to use a good quality, colorful and eye-catching picture in order to gain followers on Instagram and make your account famous.

1.1 Make a compelling bio:

Your biography needs to be informative, clear, and concise. Use terms and phrases that define your company or your personality, and add a call to action to nudge visitors to subscribe to your feed in order to get Instagram followers.

1.2 Use appropriate hashtags and keyphrases:

Use relevant keywords and hashtags in your bio and profile description to raise your presence in search results.

Use the URL in your bio to lead readers to your website or blog. A landing page with several links may also be made using programs.

1.4 Make the transition to a business profile:

If you use Instagram for business, add your contact information to your profile, view Instagram Insights, and run advertisements. Business usually requires a lot of effort to increase followers on Instagram.

1.5 Add your contact information to your profile:

Make it simple for people to get in touch with you. You can do this by including your email address, phone number, or physical address.

1.6 Use Instagram's Highlights:

Function to display your most impressive posts or stories. This enables new followers to get familiar with you and your business immediately and increase followers on Instagram.

1.7 Use a unified aesthetic:

Use a unified color scheme, typeface, and style to produce a visually appealing aesthetic. This enhances the aesthetic attractiveness and memorability of your profile.

Upload high-quality content:

Use hashtags, captions, and filters that you know your followers or others think are relevant and valuable.

To get Instagram followers, you should be interesting to the target audience and active Instagram users. Here are some pointers to assist you in producing aesthetically beautiful and compelling content, which will answer your question, ‘how to get more followers on Instagram?’ directly.

2.1 Use excellent lighting:

The best light for capturing images is natural light. Flash or bright artificial lighting should not be used since they might cause shadows or wash out your images. Perfectly taken pics are the most important in how to get more followers on Instagram.

2.2 Invest in a good camera:

Make use of a camera with good picture quality and resolution, such as a DSLR or a smartphone.

2.3 Picture-perfect framing:

Be mindful of how your photographs are put together. To take aesthetically pleasing images, use the rule of thirds, symmetry, and leading lines.

2.4 Enhance your images:

To change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other features of your photographs, use editing programs. However, be careful not to overuse it since it may make your images seem weird. People love edited and clean pictures and you should do everything for them, this is our advice on how to get more followers on Instagram.

2.5 Use consistent branding:

Utilize consistent branding components like color, typeface, and photography to establish a unified visual design for your profile.

2.6 Utilize captions and hashtags:

Help visitors find your posts and interact with them. Use captions and hashtags that are relevant to your content. Visitors are the main key to get Instagram followers.

2.7 Post frequently:

To keep your followers interested and draw in new ones, often provide high-quality material. Don't only share photos;

2.8 Vary your material.

In order to keep your material entertaining and new, mix it up by uploading videos, tales, reels, or carousel postings.

Publish at least once every day at the same time.

To maintain the interest and gain followers on Instagram, posting frequently is crucial. Here are some pointers on how to boost your account and make your Instagram more noticeable and acceptable:

3.1 Choose the ideal posting frequency:

Your posting frequency may need to change depending on your audience and specialty. Start with a regular publishing frequency, such as once per day or three times per week, and then make adjustments as necessary, depending on your engagement numbers.

3.2 Make use of a content calendar:

To schedule your posts in advance, create a content calendar. This keeps you organized, guarantees you have enough stuff to share, prevents you from forgetting crucial dates or events, and is overall an an easy way to get more followers on Instagram.

3.3 Post at the proper moment:

For your material to be viewed by as many people as possible, posting at the proper time is crucial. Evaluate your data to see when your followers are most active, then change your publishing schedule to reflect that.

3.4 Use automation software:

To plan your content in advance and to get Instagram followers, use automation programs like Hootsuite, Later, or Buffer. By doing this, you may save time and avoid forgetting to publish.

3.5 Change up your material:

Avoid posting the same thing over, because repeating posts is not helpful to get Instagram followers, but it can cause you to lose them. Posting pictures, movies, tales, reels, or posts in a carousel can spice things up. This keeps your material interesting and relevant.

3.6 Don't let your old material go to waste:

Instead, repurpose it. By reposting it, providing additional details, or drawing inspiration from it, repurpose previous work.

3.7 Being consistent is important on Instagram:

Even if you lack inspiration or fresh stuff to publish, keep to your blogging schedule. People love the effort, and you will still increase followers on Instagram without repeating posts or post unedited ones. This guarantees that your work is viewed by as many people as possible and helps you develop a devoted following. You should often post on Instagram and keep your fans interested by using these strategies, which will eventually help you draw in more followers.

Use relevant hashtags.

Use relevant hashtags to help you connect with new people and boost interaction on your content. To promote user-generated content, utilize popular, relevant hashtags and develop a custom hashtag. Here are some pointers for using appropriate hashtags on Instagram:

4.1 Utilize widely used hashtags:

Use well-liked hashtags that are pertinent to your content. This makes it possible for more people to view your material and is a tip on how to grow Instagram followers.

4.2 Use hashtags that are particular to your industry:

Use hashtags that are unique to your sector or niche and pertinent to it. This makes it easier for you to connect with a niche audience that will be more interested in your material.

4.3 Use hashtags that are specific to your brand:

Use hashtags that are specific to your brand or company and use them in your posts. This promotes user-generated content and aids in the development of a brand community.

4.4 Research hashtags:

Find relevant hashtags for your content and industry. To locate relevant hashtags and determine their popularity, use applications like Hashtagify or All Hashtag.

4.5 Mix your hashtags:

To expand your reach and draw in a wide audience, use a combination of general, niche-specific, and branded hashtags.

4.6 Avoid overusing hashtags:

Avoid overusing hashtags; although Instagram permits up to 30 per post, doing so might make your post seem spammy. Just 11 hashtags are allowed per post.

4.7 Add hashtags to your captions and comments:

You may add hashtags to your captions and comments. Although posting them in your comments prevents your captions from being cluttered, having them in your captions increases the number of people who notice your post as well as is very helpful on how to get more followers on Instagram.

By using the right hashtags on Instagram, you may broaden your audience, get new fans, and improve the discoverability of your post. How does this work? People more often interact with your account via hashtags and find similar posts; this helps you get Instagram followers.

Engage with your followers.

In order to make others like you more, you should be polite and loving to them. Engage your audience by liking and commenting on other users' posts as well as responding to comments and direct messages, because your actions mean more in your popularity. Be sure you contribute back to your community since engagement is a two-way street. Showing respect will make others like you more, as well as increase your followers on Instagram.

You must interact with your followers to develop a significant and devoted following on Instagram. Here are some pointers on how to interact with your  followers in order to increase Instagram followers:

5.1 React to comments:

React to all comments, whether favorable or unfavorable, on your postings. This communicates to your followers that you respect their input and are curious about their viewpoints.

5.2 Like and comment on your followers' posts:

Show your followers that you appreciate them by like and commenting on their posts. This promotes interaction with your material from your followers and helps you establish a connection with them.

5.3 Use Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories to conduct surveys or quizzes, give behind-the-scenes views into your life or company, or solicit feedback. This makes it easier for you to interact personally with your fans.

5.4 Host giveaways or contests:

Run contests or giveaways to boost interaction and thank your fans. You may broaden your audience and increase followers on Instagram as a result.

5.5 Use Instagram Live:

To interact in real-time with your fans, use Instagram Live. You may use it for advertising your goods or services, providing advice or suggestions, or responding to queries. The popularity will help you to get Instagram followers.

5.6 Follow your followers back:

You should follow your followers back to let them know you value their assistance. This promotes engagement and aids in the development of a community around your business.

5.7 Collaborate with your followers:

Work together with your followers by highlighting their posts on your profile or collaborating with them on a project or campaign. This promotes interaction with your material from your followers and helps you establish a connection with them.

Collaborate with other users

Form alliances with other influencers or companies to promote each other's work and expand your audience. Connections will help you to get more followers on Instagram, as well as will be very helpful financially too. Working with other Instagram users may be a terrific way to expand your audience, get new followers, and develop connections and, in fact, new friends and supporters are very helpful for your mental health as well. The following advice will immediately answer your question ‘how to grow Instagram followers?’ fast and unproblematically:

6.1 Identify prospective partners:

In your business or specialty, look for users that serve an audience that is comparable to yours. In order to gain followers on Instagram, you can also search for people who are more popular than you and could be open to working together, their fans will make you get Instagram followers as soon as possible.

6.2 Speak with possible partners:

Send direct messages to prospective collaborators or leave comments on their posts to get in touch. Explain why you believe a partnership would be advantageous, introduce yourself, and provide some suggestions for how you two may collaborate.

6.3 Host a takeover:

Organize a takeover in which a different user manages your Instagram account for a day or a week. As a result, this helps you regain followers on Instagram and can also help you build a relationship with the other user.

6.4 Run a contest or giveaway together:

Work with a friend to run a contest or giveaway. This helps you get Instagram followers and may also enable you to develop a rapport with the other user.

6.5 Cross-promote one another's material:

Cross-promote one another's content by liking or sharing each other's posts on social media, as well as by tagging one another in your Instagram Stories. This increases your audience and may also enable you to develop a rapport with the other user.

6.6 Collaborate on a project or campaign:

Working together on a project or campaign is working together with another user. This lets you combine your talents and resources to produce something unique and beneficial for your audience. People get more interested in your life when you collaborate with others and, in the end, this helps you to increase followers on Instagram.

6.7 Join an Instagram pod:

Sign up for an Instagram pod, a community of users who have agreed to support and engage with each other's posts. You may get Instagram followers and raise your engagement thanks to this.

Use Instagram stories:

Instagram stories are useful: Stories are a fantastic way to publish surveys, advertise limited-time deals, and display behind-the-scenes video. The more stories you post, the more people interact with your account and it helps you to get Instagram followers. A potent strategy for growing your following on Instagram is Stories. Here are some recommendations on how to utilize Instagram Stories to grow your followers:

7.1 Use engaging content:

Make use of compelling material: Make use of interesting content to motivate your followers to interact with your Stories. Polls, tests, and questions may be a part of this, along with behind-the-scenes looks at your life or company in order to grow Instagram followers.

7.2 Use hashtags:

Use hashtags to make your Instagram Stories discoverable to new followers by including pertinent hashtags in them. By putting them into your description or using the hashtag sticker, you may add hashtags straight to your Story. Hashtags are one of the most important things on how to grow Instagram followers.

7.3 Use location tags:

Use location tags to make your Instagram Stories discoverable to individuals in your vicinity in order to gain more followers on Instagram. This may assist you in gaining new supporters who are enthusiastic about your place or company.

7.4 Use Instagram Story ads:

Using Instagram Story advertisements can help you reach a larger audience and get more followers. Using the Ads Manager or by promoting an already-published Instagram Story, you may generate Instagram Story advertising. How to grow Instagram followers?-its simple, with stories!

7.5 Use Instagram Story highlights:

Use Instagram Story highlights to highlight your greatest content and help potential followers find it. Highlights for Instagram Stories may be made by choosing the Stories you wish to feature and putting them in a highlight reel on your profile.

7.6 Collaborate with other users:

Work together with other users by organizing a takeover or cross-promoting each other's content on Instagram Stories. As a result, you are able to connect with a larger audience and foster partnerships with other people in your sector, this is the right way on how to grow Instagram followers.

7.7 Analyze Instagram Story data:

Track the effectiveness of your Stories with Instagram Story analytics to see what is and is not working. You may use this to improve your content over time and how to grow Instagram followers.

Host giveaways

Daily update Instagram to reward your fans and push them into spreading the word about your updates. An efficient strategy to increase followers on Instagram, foster interaction, and advertise your company is by holding a giveaway. The following advice will help you run a successful Instagram giveaway and make you popular among others:

8.1 Establish your objectives:

Choose your giveaway objectives, such as gaining more followers, promoting a new product, or improving interaction. This is an easy tip on how to grow Instagram followers.

8.2 Choose a reward:

Choose a reward that is appropriate for your business and will be appealing to your target market. To entice individuals to participate in the contest, the gift has to be worthwhile.

8.3 Establish the rules:

Make a list of the requirements for entering the contest, such as following your account, loving the giveaway post, and leaving a comment with the names of your friends.

8.4 Create a post:

Write a post that advertises the giveaway and has all the necessary details, including the prize, the regulations, and the entry deadline.

8.5 Publicize the giveaway:

Advertise the contest on your Instagram and other social media accounts in order to gain followers on Instagram.

8.6 Choose a victor:

A tool like a random number generator may be used to choose a winner at random. Be careful to inform the winner immediately after announcing the winner.

8.7 Follow up:

Make sure the recipient receives their award by following up with them. Apart from that, be sure to congratulate everyone who entered and invite them to keep following your account for further prizes.

Run Instagram ads

Advertise on Instagram: Use sponsored advertisements to reach a bigger audience and grow your following count. Instagram advertisements may be a content growing tool for expanding your audience and marketing your business or item. Here are some tips and hacks for doing Instagram ads:

9.1 Identify your objectives:

Establish your campaign objectives for the Instagram ads, such as raising brand exposure, increasing website traffic, or boosting sales. Advertisement is an easy tip on how to grow Instagram followers.

9.2 Pick your ad type:

Select the sort of Instagram ad that best meets your aims and budget. Photo advertisements, video ads, carousel ads, and stories ads are just a few of the ad forms that Instagram provides.

9.3 Plan your budget:

Establish a spending limit for your Instagram advertising campaign and decide on your bidding tactics. Instagram has many bid choices, including cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

9.4 Choose your audience:

Based on variables like age, gender, region, hobbies, and habits, specify who your target audience will be for your Instagram advertising campaign. Choosing the right audition will help more people find you and get Instagram followers.

9.5 Create your ad:

You should write your advertisement in the following manner: High-quality photos or videos, simple content, and a compelling call to action should all be used to create your Instagram advertisement.

9.6 Launch your ad:

With Instagram's ad analytics tools, start your Instagram advertising campaign and keep an eye on its effectiveness. To optimize your advertising campaign and raise its effectiveness, make changes as necessary.

9.7 Measuring your outcomes

Use data like reach, engagement, and conversions to evaluate the impact of your Instagram advertising campaign. Use this information in your plan to enhance next advertising initiatives.

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a brand-new tool that enables you to produce brief video content. Put your individuality and ingenuity on display with this tool. Instagram Reels is a more recent tool that enables users to make brief, captivating films with music and unique effects. Here are some pointers for using Instagram Reels to grow your following:

10.1 Create high-quality content

Provide content of a high caliber Make aesthetically stunning and captivating Reels of the highest caliber. To make your Reels stand out and maintain the attention of your viewers, use engaging transitions, effects, and music.

10.2 Keep it short and sweet

Short and sweet is best: While Instagram Reels may last up to 60 seconds, keep them brief and sweet. Make effective use of the time to engage your audience and deliver your message.

10.3 Use relevant hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to help people find your Reels: Use relevant hashtags to help people find your Reels. By putting them into your commentary or using the hashtag sticker, you may easily add hashtags to your Reels.

10.4 Share your Reels

Share your Reel: For more exposure to your fans, post your Reels to both your Instagram feed and Instagram Story. Other social networking websites, including Facebook or Twitter, allow you to share your Reels.

10.5 Take part in challenges:

Get in on the hottest challenges on Instagram Reels to boost your exposure and gain more fans. Create Reels that are consistent with the challenge's subject and include well-known hashtags.

10.6 Collaborate with other users:

On Instagram Reels, you may collaborate with other users by including them in your Reels or by co-creating Reels. This will enable you to reach a larger audience and draw new followers that are enthusiastic about your partnerships.

10.7 Evaluate your effectiveness:

To monitor the effectiveness of your Reels and determine what is and is not working, use Instagram Reels analytics. You may use this to improve your content over time and grow your audience.

Post at optimal times

Considering the habits and time zone of your audience, decide when to publish the pictures after editing and improving them. Your chances of reaching a wider audience and gaining new followers might rise by posting pictures or reels on Instagram at the right times. Here are some hacks for choosing the ideal Instagram posting times:

11.1 Make use of Instagram insights:

Track the times when your followers are most engaged on Instagram with Instagram Insights. Based on your target audience, this information might assist you choose the optimal times to publish.

11.2 Remembering your time zone

When posting, take into account your followers' time zones and the times when they are most likely to be online. To determine the ideal publishing hours for each time zone if you have a worldwide audience, you may need to test out various posting times.

11.3 Try various publishing times

Try publishing at various times to find which is most effective for your audience. When trying to identify when your material receives the greatest interaction, try publishing at various times of the day and on various days of the week.

11.4 Avoid peak hours:

Posting should be avoided when there is a lot of competition for users' attention during peak hours. This might include early morning and late evening when people are commuting or settling down for the night.

11.5 Know your niche

Assess the nature of your material and the interests of your audience. For example, if you post about fitness, you may discover that publishing in the morning when people are getting ready to work out is more beneficial than posting late at night.

11.6 Use scheduling software:

Make sure your posts get out at the best times for your audience by using scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Later to plan them out in advance.

Assess your metrics:

Follower count, interaction, and post or reel reach may all be tracked with Instagram Insights. Take a note that only public accounts can use this tool. Utilize this data to modify your approach and enhance your content. Instagram also provides you with account boosters which you can buy in order to gain more popularity as well as followers. Monitoring your stats on Instagram is vital and very important  for knowing how your material is working and how you can improve it to boost your followers.

Here are some recommendations on how to examine your numbers on Instagram:

12.1 Utilize Instagram Insights:

Instagram Insights is a free service given by Instagram that enables you to monitor critical data such as impressions, reach, engagement, and follower demographics. Use this tool to monitor your performance over time and detect patterns in your data.

12.2 Track your follower growth:

Keep track of your follower growth over time and understand what material is generating new followers to your account. This might help you optimize your content to get more followers.

12.3 Track engagement rates:

Engagement rates are a vital statistic for gauging the performance of your content. Check your likes, comments, shares, and saves to identify which of your posts are popular with and which are not.

12.4 Monitor your hashtag performance:

Use Instagram Insights to track the performance of your hashtags. Discover which hashtags are getting the most interaction and utilize this knowledge to enhance your hashtag strategy.

12.5 Identify your top-performing content:

Use Instagram Insights to determine your top-performing content. Look for trends in the material that is generating the greatest interaction and utilize this knowledge to generate additional content that your audience will appreciate.

12.6 Monitor your competitors:

Keep an eye on your rivals and understand what is working for them. Utilize this knowledge to better your own content strategy and remain ahead of the curve.


We covered a number of practical methods in this post for growing your Instagram following. We talked about how to make your Instagram profile stand out, how to post consistently high-quality content, how to use relevant hashtags, how to interact with your followers, how to work with other users, how to run Instagram ads, how to host giveaways, how to use Instagram stories and reels, and when to post and, most importantly, how to get more followers on Instagram.

You can boost interaction, get more followers, and reach more people on Instagram by putting these techniques into practice. You can develop a devoted following that will sustain you and your business in the long term by concentrating on offering value to your followers and developing genuine connections with your audience.

Keep in mind to monitor your progress using Instagram Insights and modify your plan as necessary to make sure you are successfully achieving your objectives. You may increase your Instagram following and accomplish your social media objectives by being persistent and using a calculated strategy.

Having an active Instagram profile is not only about fun and popularity, Instagram helps you a lot more in life as well. Becoming an influencer with tons of followers is a hard thing to achieve, that provides you with a lot of benefits in real life too. Instagram influencers could raise their popularity and even achieve the most famous events, such as Met Gala. And last, ask yourself how badly you want to gain followers on Instagram?