10 Trends For Food Blogging On Instagram

We frequently meet food bloggers with many dimensions who share their diverse recipes and have thousands of followers.

10 Trends For Food Blogging On Instagram

Instagram is an amazing social media platform for creative expression, which allows you to advertise your company and services, share your work, or simply post pictures from your ordinary routine and engage with your followers. Instagram has evolved into an excellent marketing tool. We frequently meet food bloggers with many dimensions who share their diverse recipes and have thousands of followers.

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for creative expression, allowing you to advertise your company and services, share your work, or simply post pictures from your everyday life and interact with your followers. Instagram has developed into a powerful marketing tool. We frequently meet food bloggers of various sizes who share a variety of recipes and have thousands of followers.

Food-related accounts have gained a large number of new followers, and new trends are constantly emerging. Instagram has evolved into the ideal platform for food bloggers to share their culinary creativity and recipes. Food enthusiasts can then get firsthand information about their favorite dishes and provide feedback.

Instagram food bloggers have carved out a niche that has received a lot of positive feedback, and their new trends are always on the rise. Food demand will never drop, making it one of the best industries where you can invest. “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s true love” -Giada De Laurentiis.

If you are just starting to create your own food space, here are 15 food blogging trends for Instagram in 2023:

Creating new Instagram account for food blogging

If you're a food blogger with a large number of followers or a newcomer to the food industry, Instagram is a great place to start. Here are the top Instagram food trends to follow if you want to grow your account and engagement:

To begin, you must create a business account and investigate the food industry accounts. Examine the specialties of other food blogger accounts. There are numerous examples of influential food bloggers. Examine how large corporations promote their food and products through social media platforms. Lots of companies softly reach out to their potential customers to buy their products, by letting them know where to find their goods if they need one.

How to start food blogging on Instagram

It is essential that you look into customer insights to determine what trends are influencing the industry. As a food blogger or advertiser, it's critical to understand what your target audience wants to see so that you can create content that appeals to them. Currently popular posts can be found through your Instagram account. You will see the most popular content there, so it will be easier to see what’s trending.

Another way to see what’s trending on Instagram is to follow other famous food bloggers and well-known food and beverage companies. Check and observe what kind of content they are producing and take it as an example. One of the famous food bloggers on Instagram is @halfbakedharves with more than 5.2 million  followers. The owner of this Instagram food blog Tieghan Gerard says that she is inspired by people and places that she loves. She started her blogging in 2012 with capturing processes in pictures and documenting recipes and that’s how Half Baked Harvest was born. Tieghan has published 3 cookbooks where you will find balanced dishes that were inspired by Tieghans big, unique family and mountains of Colorado. You can check her website here.

If you want to find new recipes and get your inspiration through Instagram, you can search in Instagram’s top search accounts with #food, #foodie, #chef, #professionalchef, #cook, #foodblog, #foodgood  from you can also

Despite Instagram, you can also check famous food bloggers websites such as Tieghans web page and get inspirations from food blogs. You will be aware of what is happening in the food industry and certainly find the direction you want to follow.

It’s important to listen to your followers and engage with them to make them feel special. As a food blogger, you can create incredible content that will be hard to resist. After posting your content, you can use an Instagram story to increase its engagement. Daily, Instagram stories are used by more than 500 million Instagram accounts for better engagement. You can use proven practices such as adding poll stickers, #hashtags, yes or no questions, quizzes and more. As an example: you can repost your Instagram post in your story and tag other creators or use hashtags for attracting more viewers. You can also include a yes or no questions poll, where your followers will vote and that increases engagement. As well you can use “ask me questions and quizzes”. As you gain the trust from your followers they will more likely share your account to their friends and family. Thus, it will help them to relate to you more and in general these Instagram trends have become popular because of its results of increasing the user engagement.

To attract more viewers, a food blogger, for example, can share a picture of his creation on his Instagram story and include a hashtag, or he can include a poll sticker in which viewers can vote yes (if they like it) or no (if they don't). These Instagram engagement trends are gaining popularity because they are a simple way to increase user engagement.

Instagram has numerous options for connecting with your audience.

Here are a few things you can do as an Instagram food blogger to boost your account's engagement.

1.Use stories and make it interactive with your followers by using a voting system to choose what meal you should prepare for your next Instagram posts.

2.Share your Instagram food blog posts on your stories

3.Host a live show for your followers to ask you questions, or even schedule meal preparation live, where you and your followers will cook at the same time.

4.Share your experiences regarding some grocery stores and products and encourage your followers to do the same.

What to post on Instagram as a food blogger

Instagram is an excellent place to begin your food blogging career because it has grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms for influencers and businesses to share their content. Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your best work. It's difficult not to react to a dish that looks absolutely delicious and makes you want to cook it yourself or look for it to try its taste.

It’s very important that your pictures stand out from the rest of the food blogger accounts and post appetizing-looking food photos in a unique way that appeals to a large audience.

You can play with culinary and besides photographs, post videos and reels. Experimenting with new strategies can help you determine whether a different approach would be more appealing to your target audience. currently TikTok is also one of the main social media platforms, where you can create videos with trending sound. TikTok content will also increase awareness of your food blog.

Try to create consistent feed, which highlights your cooking skills. Show the final product and add its ingredients in the post, so it can be easier for followers to understand.

Creating consistent feed that will be flattering for a strange eye when they visit your food blog profile will make them stay on your page longer and engage with it more.

Include call to action features such as “swipe up if you agree

cooking photos

Ways to take quality Instagram food pictures

When a user first comes into your Instagram food blog profile, the first thing they will notice will be your Instagram feed. What kind of content do you show and how aesthetic your pictures are. Food pictures must be eye-catching, that will hold new and old accounts to scroll your food blog.

Make sure that your food picture qualities meet the standards that customers expect. Although, it doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional to take good quality food pictures. There are a couple of food photography tips that can help you create your food blog even more memorable.

Make your food photo-ready by doing the following: Arrange your food to highlight its best qualities. Choose surfaces and cutlery that complement each other. Plate your main subject in the center of your plate, leaving space around the edges.

Correct the lighting: Light from the side, not the front. When possible, use natural light; when not, use softer light. Keep an eye out for harsh shadows.

Play around with framing: Experiment with different camera angles. Warmer, more appetizing colors that are true to life should be used. Use depth-of-field to draw attention to the most appealing aspects of your photograph.

Professionally edit your food photos: Improve the clarity of your image. Adjust the white balance to cancel out cooler colors and emphasize warm ones. Slightly increase contrast, brightness, and saturation.

How can you be discovered as a food blogger on Instagram?

If you have different social media platforms such as a successful Facebook account, Youtube channel or TikTok account, it can be easier for you to attract more people to your newly created food blogging Instagram account. You can address your new social media platform and kindly ask your followers to check out your Instagram food posts and follow you if you like it.

Another way to get noticed on Instagram as a food blogger is to get creative and start a cooking challenge, where you will challenge some of the top famous food bloggers. You can get noticed with creating hashtags for your challenge and being tagged on famous food bloggers stories or posts. Start participating in #foodchallenges or search #cookingchallenges

Here are some of the hashtags you can add to your food blogging Instagram posts, so it can be visible for a larger audience. #foodblogger #food #foodie #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram #instafood #foodlover…

Try to make collaborations with other Instagram food bloggers and host lives with them.

Best Instagram food blogging hashtags

You can use already well-known food related hashtags. General hashtags like #food #cooking #foodblog are the ones that Instagram food bloggers use most of the time. Hashtags are essential for making your Instagram posts discoverable to a larger audience. When used correctly, hashtags can help your posts reach new followers, gain visibility, and ultimately drive more engagement.

Use relevant hashtags to boost your posts’ visibility on Instagram’s explore page, where users can discover new content based on their interests.  You can attract new followers and broaden your reach by increasing your visibility on your Instagram food post.

Make sure to use specific hashtags, based on your food type. If you are posting Asian Instagram food post, use #Asiancuisine or #Asiandelicates. Instagram will then place your post in the Asian food section, where all Asian food lovers can easily find your Instagram food post.

screenshots of instagram food blogs

I will highlight several directions of food blogging on Instagram that people love.

1.Some of my favorites are: plant based and sustainable eating: awareness of aggravating climate changes and the impact of meat consumption on the environment has increased, so eating habits have changed as well. A lot of Instagram food bloggers promote healthy life-style and healthy food, meaning using more greens and eating vegan and vegetarian.

More plant based recipes are becoming more popular. Because of global warming meat consumption has decreased. You can expect to see a bit less of it in the coming year. According to a report in Progressive Grocer, 27% of people are choosing to eat less meat. As a result, healthy alternatives are gaining popularity.

2.Along with sustainable eating, health and wellness will continue to be one of the main trends in food blogging. Famous food bloggers often provide us with quick and easy recipes of healthy snacks, smoothie bowls and gluten free or low-carb foodies.

3.Another trend that Instagram food bloggers use is fusion cuisine, that means mixing up and combining different techniques and flavors of different cultures and cuisines for more variations. Improvising and creating something new.

4.Creative planting is a very important part in Instagram food posts, because Instagram itself is a platform for visuals. Thus, food bloggers are always trying to make their dishes as pleasant as they taste. I would recommend you to try to make the best appealing food visuals (pictures, videos) that will distinguish you from other Instagram food bloggers.

5.Some create recipe blogs that guide their followers with step-by-step instructions and photos of their own created recipes.

6.Another direction of food  bloggers on Instagram is specialty diet blogs. These Instagram food bloggers create recipes for specific dietary requirements, such as keto diets, vegan diets, and gluten-free diets.

7.Restaurant review blogs are also very popular especially for travelers. These food bloggers visit different restaurants at different locations and share their experiences and opinions and document their review on food, service and ambiance.

8.Travel and food bloggers combine their love of food with their passion for travel. They share their culinary experiences while traveling the world and document their adventures.

9.Food science blogs, these food bloggers explore the science behind food and cooking. How different chemicals go into reaction with each-other and how they affect the taste and texture of food.

10.Last but not least, meal prep- which has become very popular on Instagram where people share their pre-cooked meals for the following week.


To sum up, food blogging has become a popular way for people to share their passion for food with a larger audience. With millions of users on this platform, food bloggers now have a great opportunity to connect with the people who have similar interests and grow their following, which will open up a lot of new opportunities for the future.

With huge competition it can be challenging to quickly build brand awareness and gain loyal followers, however nothing is impossible. So, focus on creating high-quality content, engage with your audience and stick to your postings schedule and it will establish a strong presence.

Besides this, start collaborations with brands and other food bloggers. It will help you grow your brand's exposure and following. However, stay authentic and only collaborate with brands that share the similar values and interests.

Overall, food blogging on Instagram can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for people who love food and photography. With hard work and dedication you will have high chances to turn your food blog into a successful and vibrant business.